Industry leaders establish Canadian Cattlemen’s Foundation

Canadian beef industry leaders have established the Canadian Cattlemen’s Foundation (Foundation), a registered charity, to support the sustainable advancement and legacy of the Canadian beef industry.

“If we want to see our industry thrive in the future we need to make sure that we support the next generation, have a healthy land base and the knowledge to be able to do it,” said Foundation Chairman, Bob Lowe. “The Foundation will be one of the tools in the tool box to ensure we achieve this,” he added.

The Foundation has three main focus areas: youth, environment and research within the Canadian beef industry. As an initial focus area the Foundation is working to establish a fund that can support the youth
pillar, specifically the already existing youth mentorship program, the Cattlemen’s Young Leaders (CYL).

“Although we have seen phenomenal support for this program we need to make sure there is a long term funding strategy in place to support it for years to come. The establishment of a permanent fund that earns interest, dividends and capital gains would do just that,” said Lowe.

The commitment to the beef industry runs deep, as indicated by an initial donation of $10,000 by an early supporter of the Foundation. This donor challenges others to match or exceed the donation by the end of June and be recognized as initial supporters of the Foundation.

The creation of the Foundation is timely given the increasing competitive pressures for agricultural land and the growing challenge for young producers to succeed in agriculture. It has been reported that between 2006 and 2011, nearly 3,756 acres a day have been taken out of production across Canada. The beef cattle industry will need ongoing financial support to be able to respond to such pressures.

The Foundation board is well resourced with past Canadian Cattlemen’s Association (CCA) presidents such as Brad Wildemen and Stan Eby, as well as by passionate industry members such as Joe Gardner from Douglas Lake Ranch, Stan Carscallen a Calgary area rancher and lawyer and Scott Dickson a chartered accountant who is Director of Livestock Services with MNP. To see the full board or learn more about how to contribute to the Foundation visit:

The Foundation will be hosting a public launch on June 15th, 2015 at the Canadian Cattlemen’s Foundation Golf Tournament held in conjunction with Canadian Beef Breeds Council, the CCA and Canada Beef.

The Foundation would like to thank the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association for their vision and support in helping establish the Foundation Industry leaders establish Canadian Cattlemen’s Foundation Foundation to address future industry challenges