What type of assets can I donate?

The Canadian Cattlemen’s Foundation (the Foundation) offers a variety of giving options and can help donors customize a giving approach that takes into account personal interests and tax planning needs. The most common classes of gifts include gifts of cash, land, livestock, publicly listed securities, etc. as well as bequests through life insurance policies and by Will.

Can I direct my donation?

Yes. The Foundation has three major focus areas:

  1. Facilitating and encouraging stewardship practices and conservation actions that preserve and or enhance the environment, biodiversity and wildlife habitat on working agricultural landscapes;
  2. Creating and/or supporting education, leadership development and outreach programs to serve youth involved with beef cattle;
  3. Supporting beef industry sustainability through research and awareness.
    Revenues generated by donations will be directed to one or some of the three focus areas as determined by the Foundation Board. If the donor so chooses donations can be directed to a specific charitable activity within one of our focus areas. If donors would like to direct their gift they are welcome to speak with the staff or board to discuss further.

Will I receive a tax receipt for my donation?

The Foundation will issue official charitable tax receipts for eligible donations valued at $25 or more.

When can donations be made?

Donations can be made throughout the year.

Is there a minimum donation?

There is not a minimum for donation. The levels of donation are outlined below. All donations are recognized on the Foundation webpage and the Foundation’s Annual Report if the donor so wishes.

Donor Categories Donation Amount
Builder $1 – $99
Friends $100 – $999
Supporters $1000 – $9999
Leaders $10,000 – 24,999
Cattlemen’s Club $25,000 – 100,000
Founder $100,000 and over






How will my donation be invested?

The Foundation has partnered with the Calgary Foundation to manage our investments. The Calgary Foundation employs several professional investment firms to manage the Funds in its care. By allocating the Funds to various asset classes, the Foundation can select investment managers based on their areas of expertise. For more information view the Investment Overview page at www.calgaryfoundation.org.

How can the donations be made?

Donations can be made by filling out a donation form or directly contacting the Canadian Cattlemen’s Foundation.

What are the tax benefits I will receive?

When donating you receive a federal and provincial tax credit. Each province varies on the amount of credit available for a donor.

You can learn more about the tax benefits of charitable giving at http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/ or use the charitable donation tax credit calculator at http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/chrts-gvng/dnrs/svngs/clmng1b2-eng.html.

Example: If you are a resident of Alberta who donates $500.00 to the Canadian Cattlemen’s Foundation you would receive a federal tax credit of $117.00 and a Provincial tax credit of $83.00 for a total tax credit of $200. The cost of the donation after the tax was $300.00.